Welcome to Goin‘ Places. What we do is to use virtual reality in the event-, tourist-, and real-estate sectors. We create interactive, virtual tours through locations of any kind.


Picture the following: You are showing a client a building. You step inside and see the dark wooden floor. The smell of the freshly painted walls is still lingering. The door to the terrace is slightly ajar and the splashing of the water in the pool can be heard. Your client loves this, he wants to step outside right away. „Watch out!“, you call. Your client almost hits his head against the big chandelier. Well, you’d better start with the garden right away.

Hold it! Where are you? In an elegant country residence, somewhere in the South? No, you are sitting at your desk, your client next to you. You both carry a head-mounted display. You are fully immersed in a virtual reality setting.

Virtual reality – that’s man-made worlds which feel so real that you think you are right inside them. The computer generates a reality for you that is as realistic as possible. Using various technologies you experience this virtual environment with all its specific features. And even more: you move in this environment in real-time.

VR was originally developed for computer games and has gradually found its way into other sectors. To have maximum output, two aspects are important: The adventure must feel as real as possible. And – it must be interactive. Both is achieved by specific hardware. Head-mounted displays (HMD), for instance, provide the user with real-life pictures. And, since they are head-mounted, these pictures are as close as possible. Using their own input devices, the clients can get directly immersed in the virtual world.

Virtual reality helps you to overcome all barriers of time and space. You can lift yourself up into the sky or practice heart surgery. VR simulates environments and sensory impresssions, thus allowing you a real-life experience without leaving home.

It is therefore not surprising that VR is being used in ever more areas.



VRame – location marketing of the future

Site inspections on location are a matter of yesterday. VRame takes your location to the client. For the first time you can take your client through the location virtually and interactively. Switching between different settings or furnishing and equipment is a matter of seconds; and your client‘s wishes can be implemented individually.


Using existing plans and pictures combined with an on-site inspection of the location in question, the area can be recreated virtually in its true dimensions. The local acoustics as well as outside influences, such as daylight specified by time of the day and date for instance, are all reflected in the plan rendered for the client. As a by-product also videos and screenshots can be made for the client.


The seating generator offers all classical and usual seating arrangements for your room (gala, theater, parliament, stand-up and concert. A host of furniture is provided which is being added to continuously.

 Our seating plans consider the local event location laws as well as fire protection regulations. When drawing up the plan in 2 D, any discrepancies between the actual distribution of furniture and legal requirements are pointed out to the user.


You are an interior designer or supplier and want your equipment to be included into the tours and the plans. We will be pleased to virtualize your entire stock or individual products. These will then be at your free disposal. If desired, the products can alsobe made available to all locations and event agencies in an online database for their planning purposes.


Event agencies can choose to use VRame once, or pay a monthly or annual user fee. As an agency you have access to all virtualized locations and equipment lists which are avaiable to VRame. Presentations to clients can thus be optimally prepared and staged without having to leave the place where they are made.

The calculation includes the provision of at least 2D-CAD plans by the client for all rooms which are to be virtualized.

Should these plans not be available in a digital format, Goin’Places GmbH must draw them up on-site with real measures and invoiced on a time and material basis.

The virtualization as such requires several days of on-site foto sessions. The number of days depends on the size of the location but also on the extent of exterior views.

If required, these sessions may have to take place at day- and night conditions.

Access to all required areas, side rooms, etc. must be guaranteed at the date agreed with the client. Full lighting equipment at the location must also be availabe at that time.

To guarantee a consistent quality of VRame, Goin’Places GmbH provides the required computer equipment.

This equipment is exclusively designed for the operation of VRame and therefore has the optimum configuration for this purpose.

In the framework of the annual maintenance contract, Goin’Places also takes care of any update and maintenance work.

Should a client decide to purchase the computer, it must be installed by Goin’Places GmbH at an all-inclusive setup charge of €850,00.

Within the framework of this initial setup it can then be established if the client’s computer is generally suited for the operation of VRame.

The minimum specifications for such a computer are:
– Processor Intel i5-4590 or higher
– Graphic board NVIDIA GTX 970 or higher
– Compatible HDMI 1,3 video output
– 3x USB 3.0 + 1x USB 2.0 port
– Windows 10

A computer purchased by the client must be exclusively available for the operation of VRame. Within its annual maintenance contract, Goin’Places GmbH will also do any update- and maintenance work for this computer.

The Head-Mounted-Display (HMD) Oculus Rift required for the operation of VRame must be purchased by the client, as there are currently no re-sale agreements on the side of Oculus.


The idea was there already many years ago and resulted from our own need to find out how to best market a location. So far it has only been possible to sell a location on site, but not from a distance. This had the consequence that potential clients could not easily be spotted in advance. Clients usually scout locations for an event that is already being planned, but they will not visit it in case they „might one day need it“. At exhibitions or at the office of a potential client, location managers then do not have the visual aids to create that WOW effect.

The idea grew and we believed that it would one day soon be possible to realize the concept. Goin’Places has used the time to develop the concept and the additional features. And therefore we are very happy to realize this idea in real-life with VRame.


  • Katharina Rudas-Zehender
    Katharina Rudas-Zehender CEO

    Katharina Rudas-Zehender has been active in location management for more than 12 years. She is owner and Chief Executive Officer of the first company offering consulting for event locations and their managers and planners. She is co-author of a handbook for event security of the WKW (Vienna Chamber of Commerce), responsible for the section on event locations.

  • Manfred Zehender
    Manfred Zehender CFO

    Manfred Zehender has been self-employed for 25 years. In addition to managing his dancing schools in two locations, he is responsible for the controlling of several companied, among others also in the IT sector.

  • Robert Prasch
    Robert Prasch CMO

    Robert Prasch has been active in the event sector for 19 years. He is co-owner and manager of KOOP Live Marketing GmbH&Co KG, which is one of the five top event agencies in Austria. Due to these activities he is also active in international event business.

  • Christian Hietzinger
    Christian Hietzinger CTO

    Christian Hitzinger has been active in the IT sector for more than 15 years and has, for many years, occupied himself with the area virtual- and augmented reality and IoT.

  • Mag. Christoph Kiener, BA
    Mag. Christoph Kiener, BA COO

    Christoph Kiener has many years of operative experience in various event locations. He has acquired additional qualifications, such as acoustics engineer, fire safety officer, etc.



German VR Forum
3. November 2016 I Hotel im Wasserturm, Köln

Augmented & Virtual Reality in der Unternehmenspraxis
Everything immersive? Ja, könnte man behaupten, wenn man den derzeitigen Hype rund um das Thema betrachtet. Doch was ist wirklich möglich, wo finden VR/AR-Technologien in der Industrie Anwendung und wie nützt es dem Digitalen Marketing? Das Jahresforum für neue Realitäten zeigt Unternehmen neue Wege für Digitales Marketing, Ausbildung/Schulung sowie Vertrieb.

Wir sind Teil des Forums. Ihr Vorteil: Die Teilnahme am German VR Forum am
3. November 2016 kostet bei einer Anmeldung mit dem Anmeldecode „GoinPlaces-380“ nur € 380,- (statt € 580,- exkl. MwSt.).

Informationen, Programmheft und Anmeldung:



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